Mimosa Tincture
  • Mimosa Tincture


    A gentle remedy for peace of

    Mind, Heart & Spirit

    With big love I'm sharing some good heart medicine. Mimosa grows abundantly here in central Texas. Once brought here as an ornamental from Asia, it has expanded it's growing boundaries & made itself at home, wanted or unwanted, where ever it lands. With it's puffy, pink plumes & delicately floral scent, it gives off the radiance of the medicine that this tree beholds.

    Mimosa, in traditional Chinese medicine, is known as the happiness tree. It has been used to support a healthy stress response & healthy mood by supporting the adrenal glands. It promotes a calm & "normal" mood. Mimosa is considered to promote natural regulation of the HPA (Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal). The herb is often used to promote sleep as well as emotional & mental calmness, & it supports the body's natural balance (or switch) between parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems. Mimosa flowers & bark offer antioxidant support.

    While Mimosa can help calm us & prepare ourselves to find a more balanced state, this tincture can be taken at all times of day, walking with us into a peaceful daytime & easy nighttime.

    My good friend, Daniela, & I harvested the Mimosa flowers together used in this formula. We climbed on top of our cars to reach higher, climbed on top of the roofs of houses to reach even higher, & joyfully harvested these flowers daily as they bloomed. Our fingers would be scented with a sweet fragrance, & our noses tickled from smelling these special flowers.

    I am offering these tinctures made with Mimosa flowers & organic cane alcohol for 23$. They come in 2oz bottles and can be added to beverages or taken sublingually (under the tongue) 1-3 times a day.

    They say what you need grows where you are, It's the medicine I've been needing. Mimosa has really helped soothe my heart as I've navigated loss, transition, balancing & grounding this last year.

    P.s. I tried to draw these botanically accurate. My artistic rendition is this pink flower & single pinnately compound leaves rather than Mimosa's bi-pinately compound leaves. My marker was too fat. I tried!

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