Elderberry Immune Elixer

Elderberry Immune Elixer

All organic ingredients include:
Cane alcohol, wild foraged Elderberry, garden grown Mullein and Marshmallow root

With the seasonal shift upon us, our bodies are adapting to the new viruses being passed between each other. During the his time, it is important to give our immune systems some support. This product is good to prepare your body if your immune system is being threatened, you're around those who are sick, or you feel yourself coming down with a bug.

Elderberry has long been known to be an amazing anti-microbial and anti-viral plant. Along with actually containing compounds that help your body fight these microbes that make us sick, elderberry has immunostimulating properties that help our bodies guard against said microbes.

Mullein is a helpful plant while dealing with spasmodic coughs, inflammation in the sinus passages and works wonders to soothe irritated tissues in the upper respiratory passages and throat.


Marshmallow root is contains high levels of mucilage, which helps hydrate and soothe internal tissues. This can be especially helpful when one is dealing with scratchy, irritated coughs that effect the throat, lungs and nasal passages.


Unlike elderberry syrup, this product has no added sugars and is a super concentrated Elixer with elderberry as it's main ingredient. 


Safe for use with children.

This formula is available in 1 oz bottles for 20$
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