Meet Mandalin

My name is Mandalin Marie Sattler & I am a woman passionate about the health of our planet, people & plants. I find myself immersed in the depth of Earths wildplaces often, for it brings me to a place of deep understanding within myself and the universe. I have been travelling the world for nearly a decade studying with master herbalists & botanists, near & far. I have formal training through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine & continue my studies through exploration of our wild places & plants on Earth. Medicine making using wild and garden grown herbs is a tradition that I honor and carry on. I truly cherish sharing plant medicine & knowledge with others on their path to wellness. 

I am an artist, in many forms. I create jewelry from Earth's  natural beauty, create music through various instruments, write poetry in all of the in-between places of my life. Through art, I share my joy. 

Amongst many other passions, talents and hats that I wear, I am a birth doula, permaculturist, soil nerd, activist, philosopher, carpentress and explorer.
I am here in this life working towards universal justice & joy.